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Almond milk is not only expensive to buy, but tends to be full of additives like gum and sugar…which rather goes against the whole point of this healthy dairy-free milk-alternative. It’s really easy and painless to make at home.  Amazing smoothies are but a small step away. Here’s how:

Homemade Almond Milk; A HELPING HAND: Delicious Recipes in English & Tagalog by Frog Michaels


200g almonds (with skin – we buy ours in bulk from Mustafa)

500ml (tap) water for soaking

1 litre of (tap) water

1 tbsp runny honey (optional)

1 tsp vanilla extract (optional)



 Cover the almonds with 500ml water and leave to soak for 3-4 hours.

Drain the water and discard it. Put the now softened almonds into a liquidiser or blender and add 1 litre of fresh water. Blitz for 5 minutes.

Cover the opening of a measuring jug (it’s safe to keep in the fridge and easy to pour from) with one layer of muslin or, failing that, a clean Good Morning towel. 

Carefully pour the almond milk through the muslin to catch the pulverised nut pieces that you no longer need. Once all of the liquid has passed through the cloth, give the muslin a good squeeze to make sure you have extracted as much of the liquid as possible.

Add 1 tablespoon of honey (optional) and 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence (again, this is optional) but useful if you’re drinking the almond milk and not using it in a smoothie: it makes it disproportionally more palatable. If the milk is to be used for smoothie-making, then I usually don’t add either as the additional fruit, nuts and veg impart more than enough flavour.

Cover the almond milk and keep it in the fridge for up to two days.

Sariling gawa na almond milk


200g na buong almonds (my balat – binili namin sa Mustafa)

500ml ng tubig para pangbabad

1 litro ng tubig mula sa gripo

1 kutsarang pulot (opsyonal)

1 kutrasitang vanilla essence (opysonal)


1.     Ibabad ang almonds sa tubig hanggang sa lumubog ito (500ml).

2.     Hayaan nakababad hanggang 3-4 na oras.

3.     Alisan ng tubig at ilagay ang almonds sa blender at ilagay ang 1 litro ng tubig mula sa gripo.

4.     Paandarin ang blender hanggang 5 minuto.

5.     Ilagay sa measuring jug ang gata ng almonds at gumamit ng manipis na tela o yung Good Morning towel para hindi maisama ang balat ng almonds.

6.     ibuhos sa tela ang almond milk saka pigain hanggang sa magawa laht ang libido.

7.     Maglagay ng 1 kutsarang pulot (o honey) at 1 kutrasitang vanilla kung nanaisin.

8.     Takpan ang measuring jug at ilagay sa ref, hanggang 2 araw.

9.     Pigain ang nasa manipis na tela at para makuha pa ang natirang gata nito.


Preparation time (not including soak-time): 10 minutes  

Paghahanda (hindi kasama ang pagbabad): 10 minuto

Cooking time: 0 minutes | Pagluluto: 0 minuto


You can adjust the quantities as required: 100g almonds required blending with just 500ml water.

Depende sa karaming almonds milk ang nais gawin: 100g na almonds ay 500ml na tubig.