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10% OFF - for a limited period only

Buy Singapore's only cookbook in English & Tagalog at the EXPAT LIVING special price of just $35.90 (it has an RRP of $42.70 and an online sale price of $39.90). 


A HELPING HAND contains:

  • Over 80 Western and Asian recipes

  • Step-by-step detailed instructions in Tagalog

  • No previous cooking experience required

  • Fail-safe dishes for every occasion, from breakfast to dinner parties

  • Serving suggestions, cooking and preparation times

  • Tips, rescues and remedies

  • Ingredients glossary

Note that postage is additional but is NOT marked up and books are shipped at cost

Please also note that this special offer is valid for SINGAPORE only

For multiple or larger orders, please email: info@helpinghandseries.com