MO YAS FARM Run by a local Emirati guy who is passionate about organic and locally grown and produced food. He also sells fabulous organic eggs from his own chickens. He attends many of the artisan food events around the Emirates - keep checking his Facebook page.

ORGANIC FOOD & CAFÉ Great place to buy from, super healthy & tasty, special foods for Food intolerances especially Gluten free great meat & poultry

LULU HYPERMARKET A huge chainstore selling everything from appliances to groceries but useful for basics and beyond: think pot of hummus and a TV. Also check out Union Coop for basic grocery needs.

UNION COOP One of the fastest growing online supermarkets in the region, 

CARREFOUR Great for the weekly shop and a good source of reasonably priced French-imported items

WAITROSE Pretty much as you'd expect: lots of English goodies, still clutching their boarding passes and priced accordingly. Also try Spinneys



SPRINGBOK BUTCHERY offers quality South African and Australian meat to people in the UAE. Order online though Facebook or their website. Amazing quality meat delivered to your door - a great expat secret - and you don't have to be South African to order!



AL ADIL This is great for Indian ingredients, all kinds of spices and pulses as well as flours (including healthy, wholegrain ones).

SPICE SOUK One of the most popular souks here, navigate its narrow passageways to find small stores selling all manner of herbs and spices. Think colourful sacks of tumeric, pepper, nutmeg, cloves and dried fruit. Deliveries from India, Pakistan and Iran arrive daily.


LAKELAND This UK powerhouse is nestled in the Mall of the Emirates and is great for bakeware and cookware as well as for utensils and ‘jazzy’ kitchen tools (think cucumbo and karoto).


- This Dubai shopping guide was curated by Nicola Gregson